Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jan 7 (Day 7) - Target acquired: Boston lesser black-backed gull (w/ photos!)

There were 3 goals for today:

First, I wanted to go see the very reliable lesser black-backed gull that had spent several winters in Christopher Columbus Park adjacent to Boston Harbor. 

Second, I had to deal with any number of administrative headaches that were outstanding. These included finalizing the insurance on my bike, dealing with outstanding bills, and packing up a few last remaining items at the apartment.

Third, and most importantly, I wanted to spend one last day with my girlfriend, Sonia. It will be several months before I see her again. It will be very difficult to be away from her, but it is amazing to know I have a partner who is willing to support even the craziest of ideas. She has been instrumental in the organization of this trip, and I know I will have to rely on her heavily when I hit low points throughout the year. In short, she's the best and I love her very much.

The most beautiful bird I'll see this year!

I was successful on all 3 fronts. I now want to go spend time with Sonia, so here are a quick few pictures of the lesser black-backed gull from this morning. I also added ring-necked duck, American coot, northern pintail, common merganser, and belted kingfisher to bring the year's total to 75 species. I cycled a mere 18 miles around town this morning.

***click thumbs for full sized images***

I always toss frames with clipped wings, but I
think that this shot works OK...

Tomorrow I head to Wrentham. I should have a more involved post then. 

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