Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 27 (Day 178) - Camping out in the Mountains

Hey all, Sonia here. Dorian is once again disconnected so you're stuck with me. He's currently camping out in the Guanella mountains with a friend, once again hoping to see the oh-so-allusive ptarmigan. It has been really difficult for me to hear how disappointed he is day after day. Dorian's mom and I joke that we are going to go to a zoo....or wherever you might find a pet ptarmigan...steal it and plant it somewhere along his path. He is so fixated on finding this bird that I am seriously considering this. You should know that Dorian's persistent and obsessive behavior apparently dates back to his childhood. His mom, Bea, confessed a story to me that I thought was too funny not to share (I hope you don’t mind Bea!). Around day 3 of Dorian’s ptarmigan hunt she sent me an email titled “A Mother’s Confession”. Here you go:

"I may have told you this but if not: When Dorian was little he was obsessed with finding an intact conch shell on the beach in Ocean City where we had our beach house. Week after week no success, so I bought one and buried it the night before our next morning hunt... Not sure how I can pre-position a bird."

I rolled with laughter when I read this since it says so much about Dorian (and his mother's love). He has this way of focusing on something so intently that he just isn't happy until it's completed. He's like this with his birding, photography and even DJing (which makes him excellent at all three). It's really an incredible character trait and something that I personally admire. It's what allows him to press on with this trip when most people would have given up. That said, please ptarmigan gods, let this poor man find this bird!

While I'm sure most of you know how difficult it is to find a ptarmigan, I thought we could play a little game of "Where's the Ptarmigan?". Check out the photo below. Believe it or not, there is a ptarmigan in this picture. Can you find it?

Oh where, oh where can he be?

It amazing me how this bird camouflages. Seeing this photo really helps me understand exactly what Dorian is up against. A few years ago he and I took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and we spent a good amount of time searching for this bird. We covered miles and miles by car and foot and we found nada. I think about doing all that we did by bike and I'm bewildered by how he is managing to keep it up. We're all rooting for you, Dorian!

Ok still can't find the ptarmigan in the photo? Here you go. Seriously, how does anyone find these birds?:

Yep, to the left of center

With that, I will leave you with a video I shot here in Nashville of a local bluegrass band. I spend a good amount of time listening to live music here since this city attracts so many talented musicians. It's such a treat. This particular venue is something special. It's a charming, unassuming little place that serves up some very delicious crepes and awesome live music. Oh, and the owner also happens to be very easy on the eyes which makes my visits all the more fun. Hey, if Dorian can frequent "Owl Sanctuaries" it only seems fair that I can have weekly visits to hottie McCrepe Man. Anyway, if you're ever in the Nashville area take some time to stop by this place. It's called Sonny's Music and Cafe Creperie. The handsome owner is Sonny himself. 

Now, say a little prayer for the ptarmigan!


  1. Great job once again. You have filled in wonderfully for Dorian.

  2. hi Sonia! great post! loved the shell story! he found the birds! exciting - so cute too !