Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 23 (Day 204) - To Salt Lake and rest, California quail for #505

Sonia is leaving early tomorrow morning, so I am going to keep this short so that I can spent extra time with her. It has been great having her around the last week. It will be very difficult to let her go tomorrow, but I am sure I will see her again in California sometime this fall. Until then its will be just me and the birds.

Today I had a very easy 56-mile ride from Heber City, UT to Sandy, UT. I briefly thought about trying to go directly over the Wasatch Mountains to try for Calliope hummingbird at the high elevations. However, I decided against this once I got onto the bike and felt how tired my legs actually were. I instead selected a longer but much easier southern route to avoid any real climbing. This was a very wise decision. I was so tired I actually fell asleep in the ice cream store where Sonia and I went after lunch.

I will be spending two days here in Sandy/Salt Lake to recharge my batteries. Mentally I am feeling just fine, so I expect to have little trouble getting back onto the bike on the 25th when I head towards Antelope Island and its resident Chukar population. 

56-miles around the Wasatch today

I was able to add California quail for bird #505 today. I did not realize that this species was found this far east, but apparently they are quite common in and around Salt Lake City. It was nice to get a year bird with zero effort today!

California quail for #505

OK, that's it for now. Since today's blog was a bit wimpy, I promise a content rich discourse tomorrow! I'll leave you with one last photo from yesterday on Bald Mountain.

White-crowned sparrow

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  1. Very nice White-crowned Sparrow. This is subspecies Oriantha, the summertime bird of the central Rockies and very similar in appearance to the eastern Leucophrys.