Sunday, November 3, 2013

November training update

This morning was rainy and made for a wet ride to work (8 miles).  The afternoon cleared up nicely, and I was able to take an extended ride (32 miles).  This 40 miles is the most riding I have done in one day, and it taught me two things.  First, I confirmed that 40 miles a day is totally manageable as I suspected it would be.  I won't know for a while how it will feel to do this day after day as next year will require, but this is a good start.  Second, I learned that I can comfortably ride in normal pants, a T-shirt, and a very light polyester shell in 43F weather. There was a fair amount of wind today, but it was not a huge issue. I did, however, wear fleece gloves at all times today and they helped for a very comfortable ride. Much of the next two months will be spent trying to figure out exactly what I will wear while cycling and birding in various weather conditions. This was a good first experiment. It will really get interesting once the temperature gets down into the 20s! This is a map of the 32-mile afternoon ride.


  1. Hey Dorian,

    Its great to see your first post, the map looks great. Did you do any birding on your trip, or just biking?

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