Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mar 15 (Day 74) - Hangin' with Sonia

Today was very relaxing and tons of fun. The whole day was centered on spending time with Sonia. We had a lazy morning before we headed out at around 10:30 for our mini golf grudge match. Despite establishing an early 3 shot lead, I folded down to the stretch to yield the title to Sonia. I surely would have talked endless trash had I emerged victorious, so it is only fitting that I acknowledge Sonia's victory. There might be a rematch tomorrow, but we will have to see how much energy we have after we attend the Phillies' spring training game in the afternoon. Our all time mini golf rivalry has remained pretty close over the years. Perhaps it is time we teamed up in a couples tournament at some point.

Sonia fighting back on the back 9

Still together after the grudge match

The middle of the afternoon was spent lazying around the hotel pool. We each spent a fair amount of time floating around in the water. I felt like a manatee; I wasn't doing much of anything!

Passed out in the pool

 Sonia enjoying the water

We spent the later part of the afternoon dodging loud and drunk college kids on the beach. Despite both being well-travelled, neither one of us realized that we booked our weekend at the beach smack in the middle of spring break. We have felt a bit decrepit as we watched the 20-somethings clown around on the beach. I was studying furiously during spring break when I was in college. I never partook in such nonsense (yeah right!). If you asked my Stanford buddies, they will tell you I had a 4-year spring break as an undergrad! We finished the day at the beach where I was able to snap a few additional pics of Sonia doing her best seagull impression. I also shaved for the first time in 2014. Check out this 30 second video of the process!

My legs feel very good at the moment. I am certain that this rest will benefit me in the bigger picture of this year. We have one more day hanging around Clearwater and Clearwater Beach before we head our separate ways. I'll make a post about tomorrow's adventures at some point!

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