Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feb 27 (Day 58) - No birding, just riding. Banded red knot update!

My binoculars did not come out of their case today. I think this is a first for the trip. Like yesterday, the forecast today called for rain most of the day, and, like yesterday, that rain never materialized. I generally forgo birding in favor of riding on days with bad forecasts. Riding in the rain feels great while birding in the rain is less than pleasant. Sun and associated higher temperatures make birding the favored activity. So, unfortunately, I do not have anything terribly exciting to share today. I did cover 84 miles today. I had a nice tailwind which helped push me along. This continuing north wind is great for me at the moment since it not only pushes me south but also brings cooler temperatures with it. Tomorrow I am going to spend some time searching for Snail kite in an inland area. Tomorrow will be the first in a series of birding heavy days, so I hope to have some more exciting news for you then. I've given my body a rest day now and then, and today I'm going to give my brain a day off from blogging. I am going to handle a bunch of administrative duties that I have been neglecting instead.

Also, I received a certificate for reporting the banded Red Knot from Sullivan's Island, South Carolina (Day 46 - Feb 15). It turns out this bird was banded in this same area two years prior. Maye (s)he'll return to this same area next year!

Red Knot 94X in action!


  1. Holy cow! You're really buzzing down that eastern coast. Take a break and find some good birds.

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