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Best Western hotels will support Biking for Birds and my own conservation efforts by providing complimentary hotel rooms for me throughout 2014. This is an amazing offer on their part, and it should aid me immensely during Biking For Birds. With almost 2,200 properties around the United States and Canada, Best Western has ensured that I will have safe, comfortable places to stay no matter where my adventure takes me.

I originally contacted Best Western when I learned from people in the travel industry the extent to which the brand is implementing environmentally responsible policies in its hotels. Best Western has recently implemented a set of Corporate and Hotel Initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the brand's hotels and corporate offices. Furthermore, Best Western has forged partnerships with The Earth Day Network and Tree CanadaThe Earth Day Network connects over 22,000 people in 192 countries with the goal of broadening, diversifying, and mobilizing the environmental movement. Tree Canada works within Canadian communities and has planted more than 80 million trees across the country. These partnerships, along with the Corporate and Hotel Initiatives, demonstrate the serious commitment Best Western has made to environmentally sustainable business practice.


I am exceptionally pleased to announce that Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT) has offered to match up to $2,500 of the donations made between Monday, June 23 and Monday, July 7th. This window spans the midpoint of my journey, and has been selected by VENT and myself as a way to really kickstart the fundraising for the second half of the year. It's fantastic that VENT is willing to help conserve the birds we all love!

I am thrilled to announce this partnership on a more personal level as well. I have had a long-standing relationship with VENT not only as a client, but also as close friend of Victor Emanuel and many of his staff. My experience with VENT started in 1991 when I attended Camp Chiricahua in Arizona. It was my first time birding west of the Mississippi, and the first time I met a group of other young birders who were as enthusiastic as myself. It was a fantastic experience, and I am certain it would be similarly great for any young birder you might know. In subsequent years I attended 3 additional VENT camps in Washington, Mexico, and Texas. My mom and I subsequently took a birding/ranching tour of the famous King Ranch in South Texas. Even as a novice birder, my mom had a fantastic time. Victor co-led several of the camps himself, and we have been close friends ever since. We did a good amount of birding together earlier this year at High Island in Texas! VENT runs tour all over the world at all times of the year. Some of these are aimed at hardcore birders, others at general wildlife enthusiasts, and still others towards scholars of history and culture. No matter what your focus, I am sure you can will find a VENT tour that excites you!


I am proud to announce a partnership with New England based Hunt's Photo and Video! I have been shopping at Hunt's since I moved to Boston 3 years ago, and they have always provided me with great service and gear. When I approached Hunt's about a potential partnership, they responded with great enthusiasm and support for the Biking for Birds project. They graciously offered to fill in some notable and critical holes in my gear arsenal. They have also offered to promote my project on the Hunt's Facebook page. As they have a very large and loyal client base across the country, their support will be sure to generate additional interest and exposure for Biking for Birds! The help will be incredibly helpful over the course of 2014. I highly recommend Hunt's when you are ready to make your next gear purchase. 

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  1. While you are in Heber and Park City Utah, See if you can get some more sponsors. Its a good area to look for them. Enjoy the Strawberry Reservoir and if you see this before you pass over Daniels summit see if you can find a Sage Grouse. Its a bird that is becoming more and more harder to find due to its dwindling habitat from Urbanization. Thunder Ridge used to be nothing but habitat for these animals. Recently Developers saw money signs and the place is a city springing up from nowhere.