I have always had a great respect for the environment, and I have done my best to make eco-conscious choices in my daily life. However, I realize that driving and flying to watch birds does present a paradox; these methods of transportation produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and associated shifts in bird demographics. While I do not advocate the complete cessation of driving in pursuit of our passions, I do hope that my ride will inspire others to think about minimizing their own consumption of fossil fuels moving forward. If after hearing about or following my adventure even a few people decide to jump on a bike for their next commute, grocery store run, or vacation, I will consider that a positive outcome.

Biking for Birds is certainly going to be an amazing adventure. I will surely find lots of birds, heighten environmental awareness, and fundraise on behalf of birds and their conservation. However, this trip is also about personal challenge and self-discovery. I recently realized that I was headed down a career path that wasn't fulfilling me personally. As I started to think about what I would do were I to switch careers, birds immediately jumped to the forefront. Could I possibly combine my passion for birds, my love of travel, my environmentally conscious lifestyle, and a functional writing ability into a single entity that would permit me to advance each of these interests? This was the genesis of Biking for Birds.


  1. Marvellous project, fascinating to follow! But how do I simply follow the blog? Nowhere to "sign up".
    Best of luck - and enjoy every moment!

  2. I totally understand why you are cycling, birding and photographing all at the same time. It's actually nice to find another kindred soul. Last Fall I took a 2,300 mile sled supported bike tour through New England and the Canadian Maritimes. This September I will start a 1,300 mile ride in the west ... also biking and birding. By happenstance, today I will bike around the circumference of the Sax-Zim Bog (40 miles) which is a premier birding spot in northern Minnesota. Thus, I say ... Bike and Bird On!