Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mar 25 (Day 84) - VERY fast post after a great day at St. Marks NWR (5 year birds!)

I have about ten minutes to write this so I am going to keep it very brief. I cannot add photos at the moment, so these will be inserted into tomorrow's super blog when I get around to it.

~43 more miles today!

Today I rode from Tallahassee, FL to St. Marks NWR. This place is FANTASTIC! I could  easily spend several days here. It is probably the prettiest place I have visited on this trip, and there were loads of birds on top of amazing scenery. I was able to add 5 birds to the years list!

253 - Barn swallow
254 - Black-necked stilt
255 - White-faced ibis
256 - Stilt sandpiper
257 - Long-billed dowitcher

I also had several eagles, sora, lots of shorebirds, warblers, terns, herons, and a partridge in a pear tree. It was really a fantastic day despite the consistent 20 MPH winds that battered me all afternoon. I am actually staying on the refuge, so this meant I was able to bird to near sundown today. I will add a number of photos from my day tomorrow.

Also, several people have asked about the donation counter. I update it every FRIDAY when I receive a  statement of account activity from The Conservation Fund. If you gave, $5,000 on Monday and the counter does not immediately move, do not worry! Your donation, along with the other that week, will be reflected when I manually update the counter on FRIDAY!

Tomorrow I am going to have a long ride to Apalachicola (~70 miles), but I should have a good tailwind to help me. I may return to St. Marks for a few hours since it was so good today. That would add about 20 miles, and it would bring the day's hypothetical total to around 90.

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  1. Dorian-I wonder if the Whooping Cranes are still at St. Marks? They are the young ones that were led down by Joe Duff and His Operation Migration from Wisconsin last Fall.