Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aug 30 (Day 242) - Rain, Interview, Surfbird for #541 w/ REALLY good photos!

The video from yesterday now works (I hope) - check it out!

Brown Point Jetty from 8/29

It rained heavily and continuously from 6am to around 10:30am this morning (8/30). Conditions could best be described as unbirdable. Luckily, I had a very productive way to use this crappy morning. I had been contacted by Seattle birder and "Birdnote" producer/representative Adam Sedgley about doing an interview spot for this NPR-broacasted, bird-based radio program. Adam and I have been communicating over the last few days, and I knew that we would hit off. We had a good time rapping bird shop before and after the interview. Adam actually video taped the interview, so I will be sure to post a link to it once all the editing is done a few weeks from now. The rain dissipated right at we finished the interview. We headed back to the Oyhut Game Range and the Brown Point Jetty to do a bit of midday birding. The birdlife was similar to yesterday, and the clearing skies made for a really nice outing.

63 miles circuitous miles!

People generally bird Ocean Shores and Westport in one hit. Although they are separated by a few linear miles, the 45-mile journey around Gray's harbor can be easily completed in a bit over an hour. This journey would take me closer to 4-hours today with a very stiff west wind hindering the last leg. It was flat and the weather held nicely, so it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on the bike (helped by requisite stop at Dairy Queen in Aberdeen!). I had hoped to bird Bottle Beach near Westport, but I arrived after the tide had reached its maximum high and push all the shorebirds off the flats. This area will be right at the top of my "to-do" list tomorrow. I plan to spend from around 2-5pm tomorrow around ottle Beach, a traditional location for Pacific golden-plover.

ARRGGGGHHHHH, I just found out that 11 Pacific golden-plovers were seen at the Game Range late in the afternoon. I almost stayed there until that high tide since the habitat looked SO good. This is going to cause me nightmares tonight!!!!

Anyway, I took a spin by the Westport Jetty when I arrived. I found an amazingly cooperative group of Black turnstones with one Surfbird mixed in for year bird #541. I spent the last bit of the day photographing these birds. I am now going to edit the photos I took today to get my mind off of the Plover. Incredible frustrating since I was right there at low tide and the birds came in on the afternoon high tide. Maybe I'll ride back tomorrow or the next day. Now to edit photos so I don't beat myself up!

 Surfbird (#541) chillaxing

Surfbird bathing

Black turnstone skulking

OK, I'm wiped out. Time for bed!

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