Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov 25 (Day 329) - nada in Salineno

Hi everyone, it's Sonia. Dorian is currently held up in what is probably his worst accommodations for the year (or at least, I think so). His lush sleeping arrangements at the local Motel and Grocery in Salineno, TX doesn't have internet so he is not able to update the blog tonight. Yes, you heard me correctly. His motel tonight is also in the same building as the fine grocery he went to last night for his well balanced meal of Spaghetti O's and moldy bread. For tonight's delectable meal he dined on can of StarKist's gourmet tuna, savory canned peas and Philadelphia's finest Tastykake mini donuts. Mmmmmmm. I'm sure it's exactly what he was hoping for after a long day of NOT finding his Red-billed pigeon. I can't help but shake my head by the fact that he is enduring all of this to find a pigeon?! Birders, I really don't get you sometimes.

Photo of Dorians fine dining cuisine tonight

Room inclusive of heat...
Room catching on fire for no additional cost

It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of November. It's weird and awesome to think that in about a month I will be connected with Dorian again to help push him through the last few days of his epic Big Year. I'll admit, to think about this year coming to a close is both incredibly exciting and a little sad. While I'm anxious to have Dorian close by me consistantly, part of me is really going to miss the strange daily "routines" we've adopted in this very non-routine year apart. Tonight was the first night that we really started talking about logistics for the end of this year. Questions like when and where am I going to meet him? Where will we go? How long do we want to take to get to wherever it is we're going? Where will we live? My head is honestly spinning a little. Isn't it funny how we have managed to find some sense of routine and stability in a lifestyle that is totally unstable? And now the thought of having to figure out an actual solid plan is a bit overwhelming and scary? It's really amazing how easily people can adapt to their environment and circumstances, whatever they may be.

Anyway, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to send a note of sincere gratitude to all you for what you guys have done for both Dorian and I this year. Seeing how this project has brought so many people together is such an incredible joy. And the support and encouragement you guys have given Dorian (and me) has been so important. Thank you for spending your time investing in this.


  1. "How long do we want to take to get to wherever it is we're going?" That's a question we ask ourselves again and again, in and out of relationships. Enjoy the journey, literal and figurative, and allow some time for it!

  2. Thank you for this update, Sonia.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sonia, and the best to you and Dorian for the rest of the big year adventure and beyond!

  4. Japanese Murrelet was a misidentification/hoax. You don't necessarily need to come back to Calif.

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  6. Not sure about the sperm-like design of the motel floor...! ;)