Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Welcome to Biking for Birds - Please read this for an overview of what's here!

Thanks for visiting my blog, an account of my 2014 biking and birdwatching odyssey! During that year, I bicycled 18,000 miles in search of birds. Beyond the 618 bird species I found, I met many amazing people, saw the United States in a unique way, and overcame challenges I never imagined possible.
UPDATE (July 2023) - The book about this incredible adventure (and the chronic alcoholism which preceded it) is done! If you're thinking about purchasing the book, PLEASE DO IT RIGHT NOW, WHILE THE BOOK IN IS PRESALE. Vendors use the presale numbers to calculate bulk purchases after the November 2nd release date, so presale purchases have an important multiplier effect!

The book is much different than the blog--it's more personal and multifaceted--but this online recount is also worth exploring. I'd suggest starting with the tabs under the banner heading, specifically "Adventure Overview", "Why", and "Route and Strategy". Once you've checked those out, you might be interested in my daily posts as I moved about the country. Those can be found in the "Blog Archives" section in the right hand column of the web version of the blog. In that section, you'll also find a few preparatory posts from late-2013 and a few summary posts from January 2015. I decided to shut the blog down at that point so the adventure would stand in cyberspace as a self-contained unit.

That's the nuts and bolts of what's here. For those interesting in knowing what I'm doing now, I will point you towards my current birding, bird photography, and travel blog, The Speckled Hatchback. I have been doing a fair amount of public speaking about my trip, and I post my upcoming engagements in the "Speaking and Guiding dates" tab under that banner heading. If you or your group would be interested in hearing me speak about my adventure, please email me at 

I would also very much appreciate it if you'd take a minute to visit my official photography site, Dorian Anderson Photography

For those with Instagram accounts, I will point you to my account on that platform. My user name is there is dorian_anderson_photography. 

Ok, that's it! I hope you enjoy the content on all my various platforms. Thanks for visit this page and any of my others!

Here's a sample of my bird photography....

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