Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21 (Day 21) - Sprinting to Philly to beat the storm!

Today was designed to be a very short ride to my family's home in Philadelphia. This 27-mile sprint allowed me to get to the house just as the heavy snow arrived.  I did not feel any effects of yesterday's crash during today's ride. I had been planning to rest in Philadelphia whenever I arrived, so the fact that the snowstorm is going to force 2-3 days off while I am here is just perfect. I will still be 5-7 days ahead of schedule after this recovery, and I'll be 100% rested to attack the long ride to the south. 

The family house, just as the snow started

I did make one stop today at the Pennypack Environmental Center in Northeast Philadelphia. This center, nestled into the woods that line the Pennypack creek, is a natural island in the sprawl that is Philadelphia. In speaking with Steve, Stephanie, and Peter, I learned that the center specializes in elementary and middle school environmental education. In an age where many municipalities are struggling financially, it is nice to see that Philadelphia has kept this environmental education operational. Maybe one day all citizens will be so responsible that environmental education is rendered unnecessary. Until that day comes, it is great to know that standard bearers such as the Pennypack Environmental Center will be there to help inform future generations as to their environmental responsibilities. More information can be found here and on the center's Facebook page.

LOTS more information coming later today!


  1. I feel just like I did when the "Eaglet feed" camera went off for a few days. Three days of no "biking for birds" updates?! Glad to see you made it to Philly safely. Wishing you a quick and safe passage to Florida.

  2. hey Dorian, I think one of my friend's can help you out in Richmond VA - Merle

  3. Great Merle! Just have him/her email me at bikingforbirds@gmail.com. Thanks so much.

  4. I gotta stop reading this and actually get back to work haha. excited for you! i'm catching up and will be up to date soon enough!