Friday, January 3, 2014

Jan 3 (Day 3) - Forced day off, feeder photography

The snow finally subsided around 10am this morning. It appears to have left at least 15-18 inches in Salisbury, and apparently all points between here and Gloucester, my next destination, got at least that much. Ipswich, just to the south, had upwards of 24 inches. After checking the roads around 11am, I decided it would not be wise to be out today. I stayed in the yard and feeder-watched for part of the afternoon. Much of the day was dedicated to answering emails and other administrative tasks. My girlfriend Sonia has been a big help with all things administrative, so I have to give her a big "Thank You". She's the best bird of all.....

Gloucester lies about 27 miles south and east of Salisbury. This would normally be a very easy ride down Routes 1A and 133. However, I suspect tomorrow will be incredibly challenging, and I would be shocked if I make it the whole way. I fully expect tomorrow to be one of the hardest days I will face all year given the road conditions and the overnight weather forecast. This is one reason I decided to take it easy today. At least the weather gets "better" as the day progresses.

I have included a few photos from my feeder watching (as a note I tried to avoid the feeders in my shots, hence their absence). I added Brown-headed cowbird and Carolina wren to the list today for a total of 53 species.

Mourning dove

White-throated sparrow

 Dark-eyed junco

Song sparrow

American tree sparrow


  1. Nice shots, especially the mouning dove.

  2. Good job ! What a wonderfull adventure is going on... I will keep following you from France ! Good luck with the cold.