Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9 (Day 129) - A fast 70 miles, caveman makeover, mini golf

As most of you probably know by now, Sonia surprised me at my motel in Balmorhea, TX last night. She had concocted some story about sending me food, so when I heard the knock on the door at 10pm I thought it was chow time. I opened the door to see a very excited Sonia instead. It was one of those moments where I was not sure if my brain was functioning properly. It was as though I was dreaming, and it took me a few seconds to realize it was a bona fide Sonia standing before me. She executed her plan perfectly as I had no idea she was coming. It was a fantastic surprise. Having her here will be a huge emotional help during what I hope will be the final push across Texas.

Sonia actually had this planned for a few weeks. Planning anything this far ahead of time is a bit risky since the weather and my health force constant changes to my route. I had just last night retooled my route so as to be in El Paso the night of May 11th and the morning of May 12th. Sonia flew into El Paso last night (the 8th) and will fly out of the same city on the morning of May 12. This is perfect as she will be able to shadow me in her rental car for the next three days as we both head towards El Paso. I will carry my normal load despite the possibility of her carrying it in the car.

Today's ride took me from Balmorhea to Van Horn, TX, a distance of 70 miles. I left at 6:30am, and Sonia followed behind a few hours later. I was able to cover this distance (and 850 feet of elevation!) in under 5 hours. We met at our motel in Van Horn and spent most of the afternoon relaxing. The big event of the afternoon was my makeover as "suggested" by Sonia. Upon my arrival, she offered to treat me to lunch. Little did I know lunch was a actually a trip to the salon 2 blocks from the motel. As much as I have grown into my rugged, unkempt appearance, even I can admit that my current caveman look was due for an update. I agreed to the makeover on the rationale that it would help keep me cool and make me more aerodynamic (not really). I can see my mom doing backflips right now.

70 miles today - Zoomed out to give you some perspective


During the shearing 

After - note sweet ride in background!

Unfortunately, there was no birding to speak of today; After all, I-10 is not the birdiest road in the country! There really won't be too much birding the next few days, but things will really heat up in Arizona when I arrive in 6-7 days from now. Sonia and I did renew our mini-golf rivalry at Tumbleweed Mini Golf tonight. I emerged triumphant as I handed out a 6-stroke beat down. With this victory, I avenged the crushing defeat I suffered in Clearwater Beach at Sonia's lucky hands.

The site of the mini golf blood bath

PGA ready

1 horse, 2 asses.....

We also found this ant sculpted out of old junk, and I took the requisite attack shot!

Tomorrow we will head to Fort Hancock. It's another ride of about 70 miles so hopefully my legs will make it!

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  1. Interesting to read about a birder waxing poetic about the need for a $6500.00 camera body, ( the Canon 1dx ), at the same time lecturing others to consume less. The blog is still great, as is Dorian's accomplishments, and very worthy fundraising, but maybe lighten up on telling others what to do with their hard earned dollars.