Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14 (Day 195) - All's well. More updates to come.

Hey everyone, it's Sonia. Just a quick note to let you know that Dorian is fine. There was a little change in his plans; he'll tell you all about  that later today. However, it did mean that he didn't have access to internet last night and since I'm with him, it meant that his normal backup blogger (me) wasn't able to update either. Looks like we may need to call someone up from the minors to backup the backup. :)

Colorado is absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy to be able to spend some time with Dorian here. My trip west was loads of fun. I have this funny little app on my phone called "Roadside America" which highlights all the weird and hilarious roadside attractions that don't really make the typical travel books. Think "Worlds Largest Ball of Twine" kind of stuff. Here's just a sample of what I saw as I trekked across the country.

The HILARIOUS Hillbilly Garden in Calvert City, KY.
Probably the best roadside attraction to date.
Read more about it here

The Awakening Sculpture in 
Chesterfield, MO

Random World's Largest Czechoslovakian Egg in Wilson, KS
...the Czech capital of Kansas (go figure).

World's Largest Easel in Goodland, KS
to represent the Sunflower State

Giant Campbell's Soup Can in Fort Collins, CO

And finally, Dorian 
...the BEST roadside attraction of all!!

Stay tuned for a long blog update from the biking birder later on today. 

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