Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28 (Day 209) - Lots of miles in my return to Wyoming

My ride today originated in Bloomington, ID and terminated 92 miles later in Alpine, WY. This ride was designed to put me into position to reach Jackson, WY tomorrow. I will probably spend 2-3 days birding in the Jackson area before I head west into and eventually across Idaho. Today's ride was really nice as there was good scenery and good quality roads for the duration. Unfortunately, since I had so much ground to cover, I really didn't do any birding today. I did manage a few shots of the scenery along the road for your enjoyment!

92 miles today - I think I am finally further north
that where I started in New England

Route 89 this morning

This WY sign is much better than the one I 
photographed earlier in the trip

View from the top of the second pass I climbed

Elkhorn arch in Afton, WY this afternoon

I have a very short list of birds I would like to find in/around Jackson. Trumpeter swan is my main reason for being here, and I think this will be the easiest of my sought species to find. I fully expect to find the swan tomorrow. I will also spend some time birding along the Moose-Wilson road looking for Great gray owl, Black-backed woodpecker and Ruffed grouse. I will have more chances at each of these 3 birds, but knocking a few of them here would be great. The owl is the most important of these 3 as I have only Le Grande, OR as a backup. I should be able to get the woodpecker and the grouse somewhere. If anyone has birding contacts in/around Jackson and would't mind passing that info along to me, I would really appreciate it. I am a bit thin on local knowledge at the moment!

I need to keep this on the short side tonight as I am busily updating my contact list for my remaining states: ID, OR, WA, CA, southern AZ (again), southern NM (again), and Texas (southern/LRGV this time around). If you live in these areas (or have friends in those areas) and want to be a part of Biking for Birds through birding with me, housing me, or most importantly feeding me, please drop me a note at! The more people I can meet along the way the better!

I hope to have some more bird news for you tomorrow!


  1. Are you running into some bad/dangerous tourist traffic in this part of your route? What about other parts of your route this year? Even from inside a car, the Winnebago/personal Grayhound Bus things towing SUVs can be pretty scary, even when not driven by seniors!

  2. The String lake Trail and Jenny Lake Trails north of Jackson are beautiful and good for woodpeckers including Black-backed

  3. The post by Anonymous above is one I've wondered about. Riding a bike on two-lane roads with a fair amount of traffic can be dangerous. When you have time you might consider addressing that. No problems with people throwing beer cans, etc, at you? Seeing someone riding a bike can bring out strange things in some people. Tom