Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 12 (Day 285) - Another day of Ventura/Oxnard, a rarity appears!

Today was an incredibly relaxing day of local birding on the Oxnard plain. I spent the morning at the Laguna Tams looking for migrants, and I spent part of the afternoon at some nearby sod fields looking for Red-throated pipit and Pacific golden-plover. Yes, I have both of these birds already, but it was a nice relaxing (albeit fruitless!) search nonetheless. During a big year, it is very easy to forget that birding should function to relieve stress rather than contributing to it. It amazing how different birding feels when you have to find specific things versus just enjoying what's around. For the second day in a row, I was hoping that something rare might turn up, and for the second day in a row, nothing did. No matter though as I am enjoying the much needed rest. I sure as hell have earned it! My ass feels better right now that it has in weeks!

31 mellow miles

Tomorrow I am going to tackle the urban jungle that is Los Angeles. I will ride the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu and into Venice before I hit what will surely be an incredibly boring and slow 25 miles of city streets. I am not looking forward to the riding the next few days. I am looking forward to seeing Queen Sonia and the rest of her familial court though! We might even have the chance to renew the mini golf rivalry that has sat dormant for too long. Actually, its less a rivalry that a free clinic that I provide for Sonia, but her for self-esteem we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. 

STOP. THE. PRESSES. At last light this evening, A Mourning warbler was reported from the Laguna Tams where I was birding this morning. The bird was found by 2 very reputable birders. I am going to hit the spot tomorrow morning with the hope that the bird sticks around. I am no 100% sure how I will handle it if we (the other birders who are sure to show up tomorrow and I) have difficulty in relocating it. As of now, I think I am willing to push the whole day into this bird. This would mean staying in this area tomorrow night and then heading into LA on Tuesday instead. I am in now rush at the moment. Right now birds mean more than time, so slowing down doesn't hurt me at all as far as I am concerned. 

OK, off to bed to get some rest before tomorrow's search!


  1. Nice birding with you this weekend at Laguna Road. That Mourning is the warbler that is, was, might be, could have been, and might yet be again. I know I'll be out there tomorrow hoping to put the mystery warbler to rest once and for all! Good luck!


    P.S. It was a nice treat to watch the Eagles pummel the Giants on primetime!

  2. Hi Dorian - Good to meet you yesterday, best of luck with the rest of your journey!
    Glenn Kincaid