Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oct 22 (Day 295) - San Diego Zoo, haircut

I did zero birding today as today was Sonia-and-Mom-centric. We had a leisurely morning around the Best Western Plus Island Palms Inn before heading off to the San Diego Zoo midday. There was one other morning activity of note. After much carping from both Sonia and Mom, I caved and got my hair cut. The guy who cut my hair was quite a character, and everyone involved was happy with the results. Hopefully readers will recognize me in the next few weeks!


During  (barber on right!)


For those that have never visited, let me tell you that the San Diego Zoo is just fantastic. I first visited the zoo when I was about 10 years old; I was thoroughly impressed then and the high expectations for my second visit were exceeded today. Highlights of the day included Giant anteater, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, and Jaguar. Note, I took my binoculars to the zoo today. They made a huge difference in how well I saw even the larger animals. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting any zoo in the near future. It was a really nice afternoon when all was said and done. It was also the last full day I will spend with Sonia before she meets me at the end of the year. 

No new species surfaced around San Diego today. I might head east to Jacumba tomorrow, or I might stay one more day in the area to take one more crack, as long as shot as it is, at Blue-footed booby. This will likely be a last minute decision as have been most similar decisions this year. Trusting my instincts once I actually get on the bike has worked very well for me to date. I will probably stay with this strategy!

OK, that's it for tonight since I want to hang with Mom and Sonia.

13 easy miles today


  1. Hi, did you go to Jacumba? They allow cyclists to tent at the resort for $10. I just left there, I'm cycling east. Where are you heading?

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    1. I secured a place to stay with a local birder in Jacumba! I'm here now! Tomorrow its on to Brawley and the Salton Sea for a few days.