Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 7 (Day 280) - A quick move to get ready for Le Conte's thrasher, reader questions part 2

Today was a shorter riding day sandwiched between a hard day yesterday and what I expect will be a very hard day tomorrow. My ride today took me from San Simeon, CA to Paso Robles where I arrived early in the afternoon. This departure from the coast will ultimately take me inland to the south end of the San Joaquin Valley where I will look for Le Conte's thrasher. More specifically, I will bird the Carrizo Plain and areas around the towns of Taft and Maricopa. I have seen Le Conte's thrasher only once before. This was on Quatal Canyon Road not far from Maricopa. I also have some solid leads on birds on Petroleum Club Road near Taft. These leads come from personal communications with other birders as well as sightings present in eBird. Having multiple leads in multiple forms is essential when I am about to invest at least 2-3 full days and close to 200 miles of riding to find this sometimes frustratingly secretive bird. I should also have a decent shot at Bell's sparrow on this segment of the trip. These birds could pose a challenge, but I have plenty of time to search for them.

34 miles today with quite a bit of climbing

One from the road!

I am feeling a bit brain dead today, so I instead of prattling on too much, I will instead post the video of the second installment of reader generated questions. Sonia and I have managed to crank out 4 of these, so there will be two more coming in the near future! Also, a reminder that there is a dedicated Biking for Birds Facebook page, so if you would like to receive additional BFB content, go ahead and "Like" Biking for Birds! You can do that right here. We just crossed 1,000 "Likes" this week so thanks to everyone who helped us reach this mark!

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